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The services offered at the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Surgery of the Centro Servizi Contarini derived from the needs of the huge presence of elders and adults. The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services are targeted by one side to respond to the needs of a vulnerable population that presents chronic disease with aging, in second time to optimize the human resources to ensure waiting times shorter than hospital services that must respond to emergency procedures.

For requiring an appointment to physiatric examination, treatments and therapies call the Secretary of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Surgery from 12.30 a.m. to 13.30 a.m. – monday to friday. The appointments will be scheduled for treatments immediately after the physiatric examination.

Phones: Secretary of Surgery
  Reception Centro Servizi Contarini
e-mail: e-mail: riabilitazioneme@irevenezia.it
website: www.irevenezia.it  

The services at the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Surgery are divided into:

    Physiatric examination
    Analgesic diadynamic electrotherapy
    Trans cutaneous electrotherapy tens
    Interferential analgesic electrotherapy
    Denervated and standards muscles of the hand or face electrotherapy
    Fixed head or water immersion ultrasound therapy
    Laserterapia antalgica/biostimolante
    Analgesic/biostimulating laser
    Kinesiology:: functional rehabilitation for simple disease
      functional rehabilitation for complex disease
    Neuromotor rehabilitation
    Lymphatic drainage: manual and/or wrap

Massage theraphy: manual segmental massage



  Medical director: Giuseppe Rubini
  Physician specialized in rehabilitation: Rosanna Tessari
  Head of Service: Susanna Rossi

  Download the tariff rate for the services provided in the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Surgery of the Centro Servizi Contarini